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Eason utilizes the tools of expression to connect with her viewers  and inspire conversations about social justice. The soul of her creative works revolves around human connection and the idea that everyone has a purpose and story worth telling. Her early works include street photography stills, experimental short films, and short documentaries. Themes of her creations explore the importance of solitude, love, equality, and overcoming addiction. 

Eason's passion for motion picture derives from her purpose to express valuable life lessons and pass on these stories with the intent to create a better future. Her concern for digital media's impact on users' emotions, interactions, and decisions motivates her most recent multi-media projects. This theme is observed in her college thesis and capstone short film, 
Virtually In Love, awarded the Best Fiction Film at Marymount Manhattan College in May 2021. The short film was inspired by her fear that serendipity is slipping away from the physical world to the virtual world. The film screened at the Prague International Indie Film Festival and Mystic Film Festival. Additionally, students from 3 Oaks Academy in Naples, FL viewed the film and asked Erin their questions when she came in as a guest speaker. 

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